First Camping Trip of the Season


Highwood River

I finally got out for my first camping trip of the season.

I love camping. Although, I get that there’s a lot of reasons to hate it: it’s dirty, it takes a lot of effort to pack and unpack and organize your gear (I forgot our pillows this time so we had to sleep on bundled up clothes), there’s bugs, you have to sleep on the ground (assuming you’re tenting), you have to use an outhouse (or a bush), you end up smelling life campfire, if it’s rains there’s very little escape, any noise during the night could be a bear about to eat you… Like I said, there’s a lot of reasons to hate it.

But when the sun has set and the last glow of the day casts the mountains and forest into silhouette, it’s magical.

Everything gets quiet as nature puts itself to bed and the neighbouring campsites start to talk in hushed voices. There’s nothing but you and your friends or family and the warm crackle of a campfire, scaring off the darkness. The fire spits and hisses as you roast hot dogs or make s’mores over glowing coals. Sparks float up into a night sky scattered with more stars than you ever get to see in the city. With no light pollution you can catch a small glimpse of how vast the universe is and rediscover how insignificant we really are.

As the fire dies down and people drift off into their tents, you get to cuddle into a warm sleeping bag next to the people you love.

Hours later, the sun starts to rise. Condensation hangs on the tent walls as you convince yourself to leave your warm sleeping bag and get ready for all the fun you have planned for the day ahead.

For us, that was fly fishing. We woke up early, made a fire, cracked some eggs, along with pre-cooked bacon and tomatoes, into some bell peppers, wrapped them in tinfoil then set them in the fire to cook. Meanwhile we assembled our rods, tied on our flies and pulled out our chest waders. After a hot and satisfying breakfast, we headed out into the river.

We didn’t end up catching anything that day, but that’s not the point of fishing is it? For hours, we stood in a cool river, practicing our casts, with nothing else to worry about.

As the day heated up, we decided it was time to head back to the city so we packed up a gear. After a final game of fetch in the river with our water-loving dog, we said goodbye to the river and our campground.

While we may have had some modern amenities, for a couple of days, we got to reconnect with nature and come back to the city feeling a little closer to the land and the world we live in.



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