Possibilities & Blank Canvases

I am from pixie dust, fairy-tales, and Neverland

I am from princesses, wizards, and blanket forts

I am from make believe and talking plush animals

I am from Jillian Jiggs and Roald Dahl

I am from “What ifs…” “We coulds…” and “Maybes…”

I am from possibilities and blank canvases

I am from art classes, piano lessons, choir, and drama

I am from first solos and the lead in the play

But I am also from high expectations

I am from academics, good grades, and A+’s

I am from a society saying “You can be anything you want to be…

… As long as it fits this mould we have created for you.”

I am from conformity

I am from judgment and self-consciousness

I am from stage-fright and shyness

I am from forgotten lyrics and dust-covered piano keys

I am from dried acrylics and hardened paint brushes

I am from half-filled sketchbooks and unfinished crafts

I am from garage sales and dreams sold for pocket change

I am from “go to university and get a real job”

I am from 9 to 5

I am from incandescent lighting and cubicle walls

I am from six-figure hopefuls and dead-end jobbers

I am from oversized houses and overpriced cars

I am from mid-life crisis and anti-depressants

I am from forgotten dreams and lost childhoods

I am from “If onlys…” “I could haves…” and “Maybe nots…”

But I am also from possibilities and blank canvases


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