Yellow Brick Road

A road that once sparkled and glittered like the sun

Made of precious metals and memories

Bricks that formed the foundation of our marriage

But lights dim

And metals lose their value

What was once priceless is thrown in the scrap heap

Gold is too soft

Even clay and mortar crumble

Corners of yellow-edged memories curl and fade

Leaving sepia-toned bricks built of moments made meaningless

When did color change to black and white?

Threatening skies and tumultuous tornadoes of animosity

Our house lifted, turned, tilted and dropped in this foreign land

How many people were crushed under the weight of our broken house?

How many people telling us what to do and what road to follow?

I am alone

Trying to find my way home

Lost and confused

Experience creates knowledge

But I don’t know what to do

Except whatever it takes to avoid being burned again

I know I have a heart because it is broken

But after having my chest torn open

I am left empty and hollow

Forgotten and rusting in the rain

Scared of the future

Lacking the courage to go on

Not courage but the confidence to use it

But there’s hope over the horizon

At the end of the rainbow there is a beginning

These shoes only lead forward

Who knows what’s waiting behind the curtain


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