Morning Pages

Much to my own surprise, I got out of bed at 6:30am this morning. Recently I have begun to suspect that I might have adrenal fatigue or some other variation. This isn’t me being a hypochondriac or anything, this is me feeling like I’m tired. All. The. Time. Of course there are things I can do to try and fix this, but the things I need to do are the things I have typically failed at turning into habits in the past. So I’m tired and discouraged.

Yesterday I started reading The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. Odds are good that if you have any artistic inclinations you have read this book, but apparently I was late to the party.

In case you’re also showing up fashionably late, this book offers a twelve-week program to unblock and unleash your creativity.

The two consistent exercises that you are expected to do are the daily Morning Pages and a weekly Artist Date. In a nutshell, Morning Pages involve free writing your thoughts onto three pages to get all the clutter out of your mind and an Artist Date involves taking your inner child out once a week to rediscover your fun and wonder.

The problem with Morning Pages is that you are required to do them first thing in the morning. I LOVE sleep. Capital L. Capital O. Capital V. Capital E. Granted, part of my love goes back to this feeling of always being tired, but the thought of waking up any earlier than necessary is not appealing.

But this morning I did it.

It seems like so many inspirational speakers touch on how important sleep is eventually. But most of them talk about how they need only five, seven, or the recommended eight hours of sleep. I seem to be somewhere in the twelve-hour range; which can’t be healthy or normal. Plus it’s a terrible use of time! But my argument for these people is “yea, but you love what you do, so waking up is easy for you…” A telling comment, no?

And while current circumstances mean that I’m not leaving my current job any time soon (or at least not in the next few months) I’m hoping that I have maybe found a reason to wake up early and be excited to get out of bed.

True, this is only the first day of 84 days[!] and it’s easy to get one day right, but I really think I might be able to do it. Even if three pages seems like a lot of writing. Even though I have to do this for twelve weeks. And even though I despise waking up early.

But today is a total solar eclipse AND a new moon; a rare and significant event in our little lemming lives. From our darkest hours we are reborn so why not set some new intentions today and make an effort to follow through.


The Artist’s Way contract. (I didn’t write my name in this contract since I’m only borrowing this book, but I did copy it into a notebook).



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