My Paddle’s Keen and Bright


Canoeing at Barrier Lake

Next year, my bf and I are planning on going on a multi-day canoe trip. We’ve never done this before. We’ve done a number of multi-day hiking trips, but this will be a new kind of adventure for us.

Of course we want to bring our dog with us, because as dog owners know, any time you can bring your dog with you, it’s awesome.

Be we weren’t sure what she would be like in a canoe. So a few weeks ago, I ordered her a life jacket (so we could pull her back in the boat, not because she can’t swim), and this past weekend we drove to the mountains and rented a canoe.

Well we had nothing to be worried about. Like a bobble-head doll, she adjusted to the movement of the boat, didn’t unexpectedly jump out, jumped out and in near the shore when we told her she could; she was great.

So with little to worry about, we got to enjoy a quiet morning canoeing on one of the Rocky Mountains’ many glacier-fed lakes they’re so famous for.

It was the perfect start to a weekend.


Not that you are, but in case you’re wondering about the post title, it’s from a song written by Margaret Embers McGee, typically sung in a round or sung in melody with “Land of the Silver Birch.” (Just in case your day was missing some Canadian folklore…).


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