New Baby Gifts – Custom Onesies

A little over a week ago, I mentioned that two of my friends are moving away and I showed you some going away gift ideas in this post. I also mentioned that both of them are pregnant, so as part of their gifts I made them each a onesie for their little monsters.

Assuming you don’t scroll down and ruin the grande reveal, I feel like I need to give some more context. I haven’t really touched on this subject before, but I’m a choir nerd. While we technically call ourselves a chorus, I think it’s mostly semantics, and I just call us a choir… Although, we aren’t affiliated with any religion or church – although I don’t think that’s the difference between a chorus and a choir… Like I said semantics.

Anyways, why I mention the choir/chorus is that both of my friends who are moving away are from this little group of ladies. Our group sings a cappella and we sing all sorts of genres: pop, rock, folk, and Mashups (think Pitch Perfect), and barbershop. That’s right, barbershop. Now before you recoil at the idea of barbershop, let me tell you that I totally understand. The fact that we’re technically affiliated with Sweet Adelines, which is a barbershop organization, is almost why I didn’t join the group to begin with. But I decided to put my biases aside and show up. And I’m so glad I did. The music, barbershop and all, is super fun to sing. Plus, the ladies I sing with are just the best, I learn lot, I get to sing, and basically I love every moment of it. Group signing is even supposed to be healing. So if you love to sing, and are even slightly considering joining a group, do it. Put aside all the inner and outer voices that call you a nerd or a loser for liking something and do what you love. I have no regrets.

So back to the onesies. One of the most famous barbershop songs is “Hello My Baby.” And who would appreciate these onesies more than pregnant barbershop singers.


So there they are. It’s amazing what you can do with some plain white onesies and some fabric markers. These can be customized however you want, so steal this idea and make it your own because that’s what I did. And they are adorable.


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