Giving Up Reading for One Week – Day 7

The last day of no reading. And I gave in.

I needed a break from work and I needed breakfast. And you can’t just sit in a food court by yourself with nothing to do. My go to distraction this past week has been drawing but you don’t want to do that while you’re eating. You know what the perfect thing to do while you’re eating is? Reading.

So I opened a book and I read a few chapters. I convinced myself it was the last day and that it didn’t matter. But it does matter doesn’t it? Not necessarily that I started reading when I’m trying not to, but that I so easily decided I didn’t need to follow through on something that I had previously committed to. Priorities change I guess, but it’s way too easy to break promises to ourselves. And then we slowly learn not to trust ourselves. What may seem like a small thing by itself, could be a big problem when looking at the whole.

But I’m also learning to me more forgiving of myself. Does a slip mean that I outright fail? Before I would have said yes – the assignment was to not read for 7 days and I only made it 6 1/2. But sometimes we learn the most when we slip up. And then we have the chance to grow and move forward.

So now I’m back on the wagon with full intentions of finishing out the day. Because when we’re weak, we work on becoming stronger and when we fall off the wagon, we climb back on.

Giving in for an hour doesn’t mean the whole week was for nothing. I still got a lot of use from not reading or watching TV. It did in fact make space for other things in my life like blogging, writing, drawing, online classes, etc. But there’s also definitely room for reading. Some situations are just made for sitting down with a good book. And apparently one of those situations is eating breakfast while sitting alone in a food court in order to get away from my desk for a while.


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