Random Cards of Kindness

DLzu2cDUMAAkev5.jpg large

Remember how awesome getting mail used to be? Before email and social media were a thing and people used to send letters and postcards? Maybe it’s time that we take the time to start handwriting our loved ones some kind words again.

When was the last time you thanked someone for being a part of your life? I think we have a tendency to take each other for granted. We assume our family and friends are always going to be there. But who really knows? People grow apart, people pass away, we lose phone numbers… For one reason or another people can drift out of our lives, never to be seen again, and we can be left with so many unsaid words.

While working through The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, one of the tasks in week 6 was to send postcards to five people. And while making my list, I discovered that there are seven people in my life who I really needed to send postcards to so I could thank them for being my friends. A few of them live a far away and I never really see, or even really talk to, anymore, while a couple of them live close by and we still regularly get together. And I decided I wanted to thank them for inspiring me to be myself because they’re all so good at being themselves. And because they have touched my life in some way and made it better.

For so long I’ve underestimated the value in saying thank you. It’s just something I learned as a reflex when I was a kid when my parents were teaching me manners. But saying “Thank you for passing the potatoes” just doesn’t have the same weight as saying “Thank you for making me a better person and taking the time to be a part of my life.”

Never underestimate the value of saying thank you. And if you have some time, find some way to tell those important people in your life that you are grateful for them.


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