Ebbs and Flows

The tides rise

Bringing life to the shores

Excitement and activity

Possibility and potential

And then they fall

Leaving pockets of life

But mostly stillness

Dried up skeletons

What used to be

Death where there was once hope

The ebbs and flows

The tides rise


Not Just Another Story

Time ticks by

Boredom is an itch

I long for an escape

I crave it

To lose myself

To stretch my arms out

And dive in

With no intention of ever coming back

Off to discover new worlds

Where I don’t even exist

I will become them instead

They are interesting

They are exciting

They are alive

In a world of their own

Created just for them

They have friends with long made-up histories

Bonds forged forever in print

There are villains with the worst qualities

But still human

Disgusting but likeable


And the adventures they go on

Full of meaning and purpose

The fate of the story rests on their shoulders

How will it end?

Read on

But I’m not reading

I am there

I am them

I have left my own world behind

So I could be in theirs

So I could be them

And forget my own

I am not lost

I am found

The Summer Thief

Autumn is a thief

Working before my very eyes

I might see but I don’t notice

Through the canopy of trees

It sneaks

Leaf by leaf it reaches out

Changing greens to golds

Leaving behind reds and rusts

The change is slow


Sandals have changed to shoes

Shorts have changed to jeans

Nights get longer

As autumn steals the day

And wind gets colder

As autumn steals the heat

Leafless skeletons are all that remains

Autumn has stolen the summer

When the Rains Come

When the sun goes out

And the clouds appear

The world turns grey

Gone is the vibrancy

Heavy rains weigh down the world

Weigh down shoulders

Promising to cleanse

But threatening to drown

Winds test strengths

Hours go by


Then months

With no end in sight

It is hurricane season

And there is no reprieve


Lost in the dark

Cold and wet

Not caring

But then a silver lining

A ray of sunshine

Hope in the darkness

Rains ease

And winds subside

Bent but not broken

Soaked but above water

Unstable but on sturdy ground

Time to rebuild

And find the sun

And the World Keeps Spinning

She is barely there



At the periphery

A hallucination

A memory

Of what once was

And will never be again

But was she ever really there?

Will anyone notice she’s gone?

For she has been replaced


From the very core

From roots to branches

A new path appears

No footprints left behind

There is no going back

Nothing will ever be the same

Today is different

But no one sees it

They are oblivious



Beneath her feet

The very Earth has shifted

The butterfly flaps her wings

But no one notices the ripples

How can something so huge be so small?

How can something so different be not different at all?

How can the world tilt but keep on spinning?