Ebbs and Flows

The tides rise

Bringing life to the shores

Excitement and activity

Possibility and potential

And then they fall

Leaving pockets of life

But mostly stillness

Dried up skeletons

What used to be

Death where there was once hope

The ebbs and flows

The tides rise



I joined Twitter.

But not by choice.

I am a notoriously late adopter in the technology world. I still read books made of paper, I still use an iPod instead of my phone, my smartphone is years old, and I’m the only person in my group at work who doesn’t have a work phone. I’m just reluctant to be connected all the time.

But I’m taking a continuing education course on how to promote and publish a book right now. And one of the assignments was to join Twitter. And I did. Reluctantly. But now I kind of like it. It’s way different than things like blogging and Facebook. There’s so much noise to filter through on Twitter, that if you do happen to make your voice heard and have a real “interaction” with someone, it’s only for a second, and any feedback you get is instantaneous. Youre actually connecting with someone in real time. People aren’t giving you the thumbs up days later. It’s in that moment or not at all. There’s no “catching up” on Twitter. Your comments are fleeting. Or at least mine are as a relative nobody.

It’s a strange little world, but it’s interesting. You may want to give it a try. I’m not sure how long I’ll last but right now I’m intrigued.

New Moon – Time for a Life Update

New moons symbolize new beginnings and change, so they seem like the perfect event to provide updates on how my life has been going.

It’s been a little over two months since I first started blogging and trying to document the changes I was making in my life. And since I’m not very good at providing a day-to-day narration, I figured I would let you guys in on some more details here.


Blogging & Writing

My biggest accomplishment my first month in, was that I was still blogging. I was still coming back multiple times a week to yell into the void of the internet regardless of likes and views and readers. And two months in, I’m still going. This is all for you my handful of followers and visitors!! But really, it’s not. My blog is mostly for me. And I do have to remind myself of that often. This is really more of a public journal (likely with a little more discretion than what I would put in a private journal) to keep myself accountable and get some thoughts off my chest.

And while I’ve written number of blog posts and even a few poems, I’m still irrationally afraid to work on my book idea. I have so much self-doubt for some reason. I’m hoping I get over it. I know I just need to write every day and start putting words to paper (or screen) but I’m still as full of excuses as I ever was. Which leads me into my next subject…


The Artist’s Way

For over four weeks now I have been working through the 12-week program outlined in Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way. I’ve been waking up between 6:30am and 7am every day (even on weekends) and sitting down and writing three handwritten pages of freefalling thoughts every morning. (That’s 84 pages and around 21,000 words… Imagine if I had put that into something publishable *face palm*). I haven’t missed a single day. And I love sleeping in, so this is an impressive feat for me. Although, there are some great perks to waking up. Hear me out for a second… I am in no way a morning person, but to make things easier for myself, I have put myself on a sleep schedule so I’m not still going to bed at the same time even though I’m waking up earlier; and I’m actually starting to get used to the schedule. I have more hours in a day and seem to feel less tired since apparently my body loves being on a sleep schedule. Maybe I’ve even improved my adrenal fatigue problem? Hopefully. Way back when, I watched a YouTube video and the person was talking about how hard it is to change habits: She compared it to waking up 10 minutes earlier when you don’t need to. And here I am waking up earlier when I don’t really need to. If the first decision in my day is not to hit the snooze button and go back to sleep, it seems like a good start to the day.

I’ve also worked through a lot of exercises in the book. I don’t know if I’m feeling more creative necessarily, but I am feeling more accomplished. With more energy, I’m getting more things done; checking things off of my to do list that have gone untouched for too long. And going through exercises where you examine your life in a little more detail seems like a good idea. It’s nice to put thoughts and hopes and dreams down on paper and delve into the “whys” and “hows.” It’s intimidating but I think it’s important to sit down with yourself every now and then and ask yourself what it is you really want. Even if you’re not sure what the answer is…


Health & Weight

While mental health is super important, obviously physical health is too. I haven’t weighed myself since August 21st and I was a little scared when I stepped onto the scale this morning. What if I hadn’t lost anything? What if I’d been putting in all this effort for no results? I know it’s not all about the scale, which is why I haven’t weighed myself for four weeks, but society puts so much pressure on weight and BMI, that it’s really hard not to care. I’ve tried to look for non-scale victories, but I’ve been so conditioned to care about what my number is. But having more energy is a definite win. So I try to focus on that. Especially considering I didn’t go on any drastic diets and didn’t change my activity too much. Instead, I looked for a sustainable way to be healthy. And trying to not eat carbs or trying to run 3 miles every day just isn’t sustainable for me. And because of this attitude, I knew that results weren’t going to be as big as they were in the past. There’s some guideline that says losing 1-2 pounds a week is sustainable. But it’s so great when you can just loose huge chunks of weight, especially in the beginning. It’s nice to see progress and have that motivation. The number on the scale has worked very well at demotivating me in the past, but I feel like I’m on the right track now. Slow and steady wins the race, right?

So when I stepped on the scale this morning I was okay with the number. It wasn’t huge, but it was healthy, and it was in the right direction. Any progress is a step in the right direction. I don’t know why I’ve decided to share progress photos with you guys since there’s basically no difference in one month (I say one month because my first month I did basically nothing to improve my physical health). But according to the scale, I’ve lost eight pounds in four weeks. I’ve also lost an inch off my biceps, an inch off my stomach, an inch off my hips, and an inch off my calf. You can’t tell in the photos but it’s true. So without further ado, here’s the photos. This is not one of those “find the differences games” – the reason they all look the same is because basically nothing has changed.


Arts & Crafts

Because I have more energy, and because I have been waking up earlier and trying to limit bad habits like watching too much TV, I have gained a lot of extra time to get things done. Extra time, along with a boost in energy has helped me to complete a number of little arts and crafts projects that I’m proud of. In case you haven’t checked them out, here are some links to my creations over the last month:

Going Away Gifts – Candy Jars

New Baby Gifts – Custom Onesies

How to Make a Box Cushion

Going Away Gifts – Signed Umbrella



Of course there is only so much time in a day and there have been a few things that I wish I had spent more time on. So these are still things that I’m hoping to improve upon over the next month. Hopefully I have some more good news to share with you all during my next update.

  1. Writing – I would really like to start writing my book. It’s time to quit talking about being afraid and just face my fears already. I need to quit taking myself so seriously. I can always go back and edit, right?
  2. Blogging – I want to just keep blogging; regardless if people are reading or not.
  3. The Artist’s Way – 4 weeks down, 8 weeks to go.
  4. Health & Weight – I just joined a competitive volleyball team this past Sunday and all of my muscles hurt, but I’m excited to bring this back into my life and get a little extra exercise. I would love to lose some more weight, or at least some more inches.
  5. Playing the Guitar – I’m really hoping to take a video of some guitar playing this month for you guys. It probably won’t be good, but at least it will help with my accountability.
  6. Learning Spanish – Although Duolingo is making a resurgence in my life I probably need to put more effort into this.
  7. Drawing – I’ve done a couple of drawings lately in my sketch book that I may share and I plan on doing more. Plus, my online Udemy class should be some good motivation.
  8. Arts & Crafts – I have a whole bunch of supplies sitting on a shelf for projects that I had planned to do one day. I’m currently working on a lot of unfinished ones (ones I started but lost motivation for) but it would be pretty awesome to start tackling some of those “never started” projects.


I think that’s all I have for you guys, so if you’re still reading at this point (after this lengthy update), thanks for sticking around and talk to you soon.

Not Just Another Story

Time ticks by

Boredom is an itch

I long for an escape

I crave it

To lose myself

To stretch my arms out

And dive in

With no intention of ever coming back

Off to discover new worlds

Where I don’t even exist

I will become them instead

They are interesting

They are exciting

They are alive

In a world of their own

Created just for them

They have friends with long made-up histories

Bonds forged forever in print

There are villains with the worst qualities

But still human

Disgusting but likeable


And the adventures they go on

Full of meaning and purpose

The fate of the story rests on their shoulders

How will it end?

Read on

But I’m not reading

I am there

I am them

I have left my own world behind

So I could be in theirs

So I could be them

And forget my own

I am not lost

I am found

The Summer Thief

Autumn is a thief

Working before my very eyes

I might see but I don’t notice

Through the canopy of trees

It sneaks

Leaf by leaf it reaches out

Changing greens to golds

Leaving behind reds and rusts

The change is slow


Sandals have changed to shoes

Shorts have changed to jeans

Nights get longer

As autumn steals the day

And wind gets colder

As autumn steals the heat

Leafless skeletons are all that remains

Autumn has stolen the summer